Certificazione FSC®

Un'azienda responsabile

There is a word that explains a lot of how we do our business: responsibility.
Our customers entrust us with their creative projects so that they can become valuable objects, works to leaf through, read, and admire.
It is up to us to repay their trust by dedicating all our efforts to the perfect outcome of the job, with skill and obsessive attention to every little detail.
We owe this to the customer, and it is precisely this sense of duty that drives us to do our best every day.
Responsibility, however, is not just a key word in our relationship with customers: it is a value that guides all of the company’s actions, being fully aware that everyone can do something to make this a better world. One example is represented by our contribution to environmental protection, which can be summed up in just three small yet extremely valuable letters: FSC®.
All of our products may bear the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, an important, internationally-acknowledged certificate which guarantees that paper material comes from forests managed in compliance with criteria that safeguard the natural environment, valid from an economic standpoint and useful for local populations and workers.


Il marchio FSC® identifica i prodotti contenenti legno proveniente da foreste gestite in maniera corretta e responsabile secondo rigorosi standard ambientali, sociali ed economici.