Una storia da raccontare

All kinds of printed matter leave our printing shop every day, each single print ready to tell the world its own story.
There is one story in particular that we want to tell you about, a story of which we are deeply proud: it is a story that talks about us, our work, the commitment that we make on a daily basis so that your ideas, your messages can take shape, take on colour and consistency, become more intense and exciting, page after page.
A story in which machinery, paper and ink do play an important role but not the leading one, since it is always man’s hands that control them in the best way possible in order to ensure an excellent print.
A story of success, which has been repeating itself by now for over forty years keeping its charm intact, a story you will certainly hear about in the future as well.
Because one never gets tired of telling beautiful stories.



Pre-printing department
4 Mac stations + 2 servers for data storage
CTP Agfa Avalon Azura 70x100
Certified EFI colour test

Printing department
1 Komori LS40 sheet-fed offset printing press 70x100 4-colour
1 Komori LS40 sheet-fed offset printing press 70x100 5-colour + varnishing machine
1 Heidelberg Speedmaster sheet-fed offset printing press 35x50 4-colour
1 Platen for heat lamination 35x50
1 Platen for heat lamination 70x100
1 Platen for die-cutting 35x50
1 Platen for die-cutting 50x70
2 Platens for die-cutting 70x100

Finishing department
1 Folding and gluing machine, clearance 110
1 Sheet-fed folding machine
1 Paper cutter Polar 115
1 Horizon 20 stations with flat and omega stapling
Additional equipment for packaging