Le persone fanno l'azienda

The printing world has changed radically in recent years, hit by a revolution that has transformed five centuries of history and tradition in just a short time.
However, as advanced as technology may be, there is no one machine, or will there ever be in the future, capable of replacing man’s impact on the outcome of a job.
Talent and experience are the traits that determine a company’s success; Litocart can rely on a team of professionals who express their talents on a daily basis in order to offer you a top-quality product.
Our enthusiasm and sharing of common values have led us to meet up and have convinced us to undertake this professional journey together.
We are straightforward and pragmatic people, ready to collaborate with each other in order to find the most appropriate solutions in any situation. We have a precise vision of how to interpret our job, which we present whenever possible to our customers, with whom we set up an open and honest relationship, certain of being able to meet all their needs with skill and reliability.



Pre-printing department
4 Mac stations + 2 servers for data storage
CTP Agfa Avalon Azura 70x100
Certified EFI colour test

Printing department
1 Komori LS40 sheet-fed offset printing press 70x100 4-colour
1 Komori LS40 sheet-fed offset printing press 70x100 5-colour + varnishing machine
1 Heidelberg Speedmaster sheet-fed offset printing press 35x50 4-colour
1 Platen for heat lamination 35x50
1 Platen for heat lamination 70x100
1 Platen for die-cutting 35x50
1 Platen for die-cutting 50x70
2 Platens for die-cutting 70x100

Finishing department
1 Folding and gluing machine, clearance 110
1 Sheet-fed folding machine
1 Paper cutter Polar 115
1 Horizon 20 stations with flat and omega stapling
Additional equipment for packaging